2011-03-08 03:32:38 by xrachelbagelx

So, I found out today that a good, long time internet friend of mine killed himself on Friday the 4th, his 23rd birthday. I have been absolutely distraught. I know how it feels to be suicidal and I know that you need someone to pull you back... I wish I had known. I wish I could have saved him. But I know it doesn't work like that... But I will really truly miss him. I am going to do a painting in his memory. I think I might mail it to his family if they want it...

In other news... still waiting to hear back about that Google job :( I really hope I get that second interview. The wait is driving me mad!

I am working on a few art pieces, but am open or trades, commissions, collabs, etc. Just comment or send me a PM.


PS Picture is a work in progress...



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2011-03-08 04:24:49

sad to hear. but great pic

xrachelbagelx responds:

Thanks. <3


2011-06-15 22:50:41

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