2011-02-28 18:28:36 by xrachelbagelx

Been busy with school. Have an A in art and a high B in anthropology!

Have an art piece I am working on as an art trade for someone on deviant art. I had soo many failed attempts and finally I have something good going!

I am open for art trades and comissions..

Still waiting to hear about Google job... Arg!


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2011-03-06 03:06:49

You do some really good work with markers an coloring, something I do not usually work with due to lack of skill. I would love to collaborate with you if it was ever possible! :) In regards to the google job, wat was it exactly how long ago did you apply? is there a phone number or any form of contact info that u hav?

xrachelbagelx responds:

Aw, thanks. trust me... I'm not too great with marker xD I get lucky!
I would LOVE to collaborate! Did you have something in mind? :D
I do have a contact... I left her a phone message today! I really hope she calls me back... I have a friend that works there, so I am going to talk to her and see if she has heard anything. :D