Art, school, medicine

2011-02-17 23:10:28 by xrachelbagelx

Phew, I just got done with 4 hrs of art hw! But it was fun!

Im still waiting to hear back about the Google job... Its driving me nuts!

I went and saw a new psychiatrist today and decided to adjust some meds, hope it helps!

Ive come to terms with being fat. I really dont care. I hate that it is treated like some disease thay needs to be fixed. I dont eat that bad and im not terribly lazy. Its my meds mostly. But im done thinkinh im ugly because im not thin. Im fat AND beautiful, not fat BUT beautiful, bitches!

:) thank you everyone for leaving comments and messages! I love new groundsĀ”


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2011-02-23 03:15:54

Lol! that's nice to think bout yourself! :)