School, job interviews, art!

2011-02-06 03:44:24 by xrachelbagelx

Hello everyone! Thank you to the several people who have offered to scout me! I went ahead and chose the person who offered first. :)

I have been working on some more art and generally revamping my style. I am taking a drawing for animation class and so I am starting a bit more from the basics again. Anatomy and shading, etc is getting better! I really need to learn some better coloring techniques though and branch out!
I don't have a scanner... but I should have access to one soon and will post shortly thereafter!

Currently I am looking for a job, though I have a prospect that I am seeing on Tuesday! It may be a job with Google!! :) Wish me luck!

Also, I am available for commissions if you are interested! I'm pretty reasonable, so make me an offer and we can go from there! I try to check my messages and comments here every day or so!

<3 Again, thanks to J-qb for scouting me!

PS: Attached is just a little doodle I did for a friend. ^_^

School, job interviews, art!


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2011-02-06 04:31:58

that good

xrachelbagelx responds:

Thank you! :D


2011-02-06 16:16:28

Welcome to NG! Your work looks pretty good so far. Big luck w/ the interview :)

xrachelbagelx responds:

Awww, thank you very much! I will update again once I know about the job. <3 Nice to meet you, btw! ^^


2011-02-06 18:41:48

nice to have an artist who can take a comment on the chin without going all teary eyed and defensive... looking forward to what you can create... :3

xrachelbagelx responds:

Aw, thanks :) its important to listen to both compliments and critiques! I hope my stuff will strike your fancy!


2011-02-06 21:57:38