Entry #1

Huzzah! Here I am...

2011-01-28 19:39:56 by xrachelbagelx

I had no idea that NG had an art section until one of my FB friends posted that they made the front page again! :) http://chrlinatro.newgrounds.com/ ... she is totally amazing so go look. :D
Anywho~ I was getting super sick of Deviantart and I am hoping that maybe the NG community is better. :)

<3 look forward to meeting you people~


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2011-01-28 21:36:05

Your art is quite interesting and colourful. I'm looking forward to more

xrachelbagelx responds:

Aw, thank you!~


2011-01-28 22:21:22

YAY! I opened a door!
I hope you find happiness here! It certainly upped my self esteem!
btw if you add another piece someone can scout you and whatnot!

xrachelbagelx responds:

xD Yes you did! :) Aww, that's good!
o.o Scout?