Still Alive

2011-04-24 17:45:29 by xrachelbagelx

hey everyone, just wanted to check in! Past 2 months have been tough, hence the not being here much. Hope to post soon!,:)


2011-03-08 03:32:38 by xrachelbagelx

So, I found out today that a good, long time internet friend of mine killed himself on Friday the 4th, his 23rd birthday. I have been absolutely distraught. I know how it feels to be suicidal and I know that you need someone to pull you back... I wish I had known. I wish I could have saved him. But I know it doesn't work like that... But I will really truly miss him. I am going to do a painting in his memory. I think I might mail it to his family if they want it...

In other news... still waiting to hear back about that Google job :( I really hope I get that second interview. The wait is driving me mad!

I am working on a few art pieces, but am open or trades, commissions, collabs, etc. Just comment or send me a PM.


PS Picture is a work in progress...



2011-02-28 18:28:36 by xrachelbagelx

Been busy with school. Have an A in art and a high B in anthropology!

Have an art piece I am working on as an art trade for someone on deviant art. I had soo many failed attempts and finally I have something good going!

I am open for art trades and comissions..

Still waiting to hear about Google job... Arg!

Art, school, medicine

2011-02-17 23:10:28 by xrachelbagelx

Phew, I just got done with 4 hrs of art hw! But it was fun!

Im still waiting to hear back about the Google job... Its driving me nuts!

I went and saw a new psychiatrist today and decided to adjust some meds, hope it helps!

Ive come to terms with being fat. I really dont care. I hate that it is treated like some disease thay needs to be fixed. I dont eat that bad and im not terribly lazy. Its my meds mostly. But im done thinkinh im ugly because im not thin. Im fat AND beautiful, not fat BUT beautiful, bitches!

:) thank you everyone for leaving comments and messages! I love new groundsĀ”

Yes thats me >.<

2011-02-08 17:39:49 by xrachelbagelx

xD Some people have been wondering if my icon/avatar are me... YES :D
>.>; Cute nerd girls unite! Or something... *mumble*

Interview went well!

2011-02-08 16:22:33 by xrachelbagelx

Yay! I did REALLY well at my interview for google! Well, the temp agency WORKING with Google.
The girl suggested that I put my skills on the front page of my resume and include all my technological skills. I mentioned that my friend Grace was already working for them and that she suggested I send my resume to the main recruiter/supervisor. So, she told me to go ahead and do that- which says to me I will at least get to interview with Google managers. :) I am so excited! Though, it is a confidential project, so I can't tell you about it! All I can say is that it deals with Google maps. :D

Anyway~~~ I haven't had much time to work on art at the moment due to school work, but I am caught up for the most part so I may start a project today. :)

I want to thank all of you for your kind words and support! The art community here is SO MUCH more positive and interesting that deviantart! On DA it's all about POPULARITY and all the art is SHIT. It is so nice to be part of a community that wants good, quality art with conversation and critiques. So, thanks again!

<3 Wish me luck with my job hunt! :D <3 Already love you guys.

Hello everyone! Thank you to the several people who have offered to scout me! I went ahead and chose the person who offered first. :)

I have been working on some more art and generally revamping my style. I am taking a drawing for animation class and so I am starting a bit more from the basics again. Anatomy and shading, etc is getting better! I really need to learn some better coloring techniques though and branch out!
I don't have a scanner... but I should have access to one soon and will post shortly thereafter!

Currently I am looking for a job, though I have a prospect that I am seeing on Tuesday! It may be a job with Google!! :) Wish me luck!

Also, I am available for commissions if you are interested! I'm pretty reasonable, so make me an offer and we can go from there! I try to check my messages and comments here every day or so!

<3 Again, thanks to J-qb for scouting me!

PS: Attached is just a little doodle I did for a friend. ^_^

School, job interviews, art!

Huzzah! Here I am...

2011-01-28 19:39:56 by xrachelbagelx

I had no idea that NG had an art section until one of my FB friends posted that they made the front page again! :) ... she is totally amazing so go look. :D
Anywho~ I was getting super sick of Deviantart and I am hoping that maybe the NG community is better. :)

<3 look forward to meeting you people~